For your tattoo:

  • With clean fingertips, wash gently with cool water and mild antibacterial soap then pat dry (Do not rub).
  • Apply very thin coats of ointment and work into skin. Too much ointment can pull color out of the tattoo. Skin needs to breathe sometimes, too.
  • Your tattoo is an open wound. Keep it clean.
  • Avoid soaking in water – no baths, swimming pools, long showers.
  • Avoid having your tattoo in the sun – the sun fades tattoos, even after they’re healed.
  • Try not to pick at any scabbed or peeling skin. Let the healing go as naturally as possible – 1-3 weeks

For your piercing:

  • Dissolve 2 tbsp. of sea salt into a warm 16 oz. water bottle of clean water.
  • Swab for about 2 minutes everyday: morning, afternoon, night. (and after every meal for oral piercings).
  • For oral piercings, anti-bacterial non-alcoholic mouthwash is a good alternative to prevent risks of infection.
  • Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages after an oral piercing are not advised for the first 12 days of the healing process.

* * *

  • It is normal for a new tattoo to hurt, be inflamed, be red, to bleed, to itch, or to leak ink.
  • If the tattooed area oozes white, yellow or green pus, it is infected and is not normal. Other symptoms of infection include fever, prolonged swelling and redness, red streaks and heat or warmth to the touch if the tattooed area.
  • For piercings, the healing process varies for each individual. If the piercing has unusual bruising, bleeding, or is beginning to reject out of the skin – please contact us.

If these symptoms last more than a few days, please contact us immediately. 


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